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Our Purpose

Enfrashare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Engro Infiniti Pvt Ltd which in turn is a part of the Engro Group of Companies. Enfrashare started its operations in Nov 2018 and is headquartered  in Islamabad.

Our purpose is to make connectivity accessible and affordable for everyone. We aim to do this by accumulating the largest integrated portfolio of telecom infrastructure in the shortest possible time while ensuring superior returns for our customers and shareholders. We believe that by doing our bit to build a truly connected world, we will help ensure everyone will have equal access and opportunities to improve their lives— irrespective of wealth, gender, race or any other factor.

We, at Enfrashare, believe that connectivity is a basic human need and as responsible corporate citizens, we should make significant capital investments required to satisfy exponentially growing needs. Left alone, there is a severe risk that many people will not be able to benefit from the many opportunities that better connectivity bestow to enhance people’s lives, businesses and the society.

We recognize that large business groups such as ours, can and must invest in businesses that not only make money, but can make a real difference to the progress of the country. We will lead and drive increased connectivity in Pakistan by becoming the partner of choice for our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

Our Parents

Engro”, Pakistan’s biggest Conglomerate started its operations in year 2003  and soon diversified their business by venturing into sectors such as fertilizers, foods, chemical storage & handling, trading, energy and petrochemicals.

This progressive diversification led to the formation of “Engro Corp” as the holding company. The vision of becoming the premier Pakistani enterprise with a global reach and passionately pursuing value creation for all its stakeholders became the guiding principle of continuous progression.

As a group, Engro endeavors to  Improve lives, Empower livelihoods and Inspire meaningful change.

Moving forward with the same spirit, “Enfrashare Pvt Limited” is held through Engro Corps wholly owned subsidiary Engro Infiniti Pvt Ltd.


Our Focus

Our Belief

We believe that just like Food, Water and Energy; Internet has become another basic utility. In 2016, UN declared internet access as basic human right.

Pakistan more than ever needs improved connectivity to ensure its businesses, people and society do not fall further behind and to offer the country (and all its citizens) the same chances that everyone else will have to benefit from the new technologies, industries, learnings and commerce of the future connected world. It’s consumers are not using it only for convenience but to improve their well-being, intellect and earning ability while benefitting a country’s competitive and economic position.

Connectivity has become critical for the development of People, Businesses and Society. Lack of Investment in this sector really can hamper progress of the country as a whole

Our Values

Establish a culture that believes the right set of values will lead to growth and “profit” for all

Passion, Respect, Ownership, Fun, Integrity, Trust

Why Us

Our business model

There is an economic incentive and real tangible benefit for MNOs to start sharing existing infrastructure and jointly develop new infrastructure to reduce costs of connectivity for bringing users online. We intend to (i) consolidate the existing infrastructure of multiple MNOs, where there is significant overlap of coverage and compelling savings to be had from sharing; and (ii) expand in rural unserved areas (new coverage) and target growth in urban areas (capacity and coverage gap in-fills).

Our Competitive Advantage:

  • Deep commitment and understanding of the country
  • Global knowledge coupled with our local experience
  • Long term approach towards all our businesses
  • Ability to hire and retain the best talent (one of the country’s largest conglomerates)
  • Power to scale aggressively and commitment to sustainable business
  • Willingness to take risks and remove operational headaches from our customers
  • Track record of constructing and maintaining telecom infrastructure internationally
  • Keeping customer needs at the heart of the Organization by serving them with best-in-class services
  • Proven relationships and credibility with operators and existing sub-contractors/suppliers at leadership and operations


AM Civil

Location: Islamabad
Department: Site Infra

Responsible for Tower and Civil supervise tower and civil works buildout activities and provide inputs for site design and site activities

Min Experience: 5 years or more
Qualification: Bachelors or above in Civil Engineering

AM Accounts

Location: Islamabad
Department: Finance
Overview: Responsible for maintaining the Company’s general ledger. 
Min Experience: 3 years or more
Qualification: CA / ACCA




Office # 1 , top floor – Beverly Centre, Jinnah Avenue, Blue area Islamabad

Phone Number

+92 51 8313800 – 80



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